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Zimmer (forced refrigerated air)

The device cool the epidermis before, during and after the laser energy has been applied, without interfering with the laser beam. This is the latest generation of non-contact cooling devices utilizes convection method of cooling by delivering a continuous flow of chilled air at −32°C at adjustable flow rates. The device minimizes pain and thermal injury during laser and dermatological treatments and for temporary topical anesthetic relief for injections. It delivers chilled air throughout the procedure and ensures a high level of patient comfort. The main objective of cooling is to protect the epidermis, as a result of which we can deliver high fluence laser beams to the skin. As being a non-contact cooling device, heat is actively removed from tissues through either evaporation or convection.

We at Clear Skin Centre use world class Zimmer cooling device work for the following applications:

        Temporary relief from injections

        Minimized pain during laser procedures

  Lowers risk of thermal injuries due to procedures

Advantages are the compatibility with every laser device, unrestricted view of the lesion, as well as the high comfort level for both patient and the physician.

Indications are port-wine stains and other vascular lesions, hair removal and tattoos and many more conditions while doing the laser procedures.