Skin Care

Skin Care

Skin care

Skin conditions are something which hold us back and affects our self confidence on many levels. Acne and its scars, aged skin, sun damage pigmentation, aged skin etc., are few conditions that can be a source of embarrassment for many people. Healthy skin should be free of any visible signs of disease, infections or injury.

External factors such as climatic, temperature and weather variations can affect your skin. Skin care is essential, no more considered to be luxurious and its largest organ in the body.

Only a Dermatologist are authorize to diagnose, prescribe or provide any type of treatment for abnormal skin  condition.

Everyone skin is unique, herewith we perform a comprehensive skin analysis to completely understand your skin. Clear Skin offer every skin with a tailored treatment plan just for you with a large arrangement of medical grade machinery we select the most suitable procedures and depending your unique concern.

Clear Skin Offers:

1.Comprehensive skin analysis w derma scan.

2.Dermatoscopy and Biopsy.

3.Vitiligo surgery.

4.Conventional & Targeted Phototherapy


6.Nail surgery

  1. Scar revision and subsicion

8.Surgical excision of abnormal skin growth