Clear Skin and Hair Laser Center



Radiosurgery in which the  passage of alternating electric ultra high frequency radiowaves(RF 500 to 4000 KHz) through soft tissue to (cut, cut & coagulate, coagulate, desiccate or fulgarate) without much trauma, bleeding or scarring.Radio surgery is an easy and faster method to remove unwanted skin growths.Radiosurgery is an alternative term for electrosurgery.

This is a revolutionary technique to treat all the harmless but unsightly skin growths. This treatment has wider applications and multiple functions as four types of energies can be used.

We at Clear SKIN Centre use Ellmann surgitron (USA) 3.8mHz which is a fine radio frequency device .This treatment is done under local anesthesia and most of the times require only a single session.

Pure Cutting mode used for:

Cosmetic repairs such as ear hole repair etc.,Excision of cyst and tumours,
Skin incisionsBiopsy

Cutting and Coagulation used for removal of:

Seborrhoeic or actinic keratosisKeloids
VerrucaeSmall Sq cell Carcinoma
NeviBasal Cell Carcinoma

Coagulation mode used for removal of:

Recurrent VerrucaeUnwanted hair removal
Small primary basal cell carcinomaIngrow toe nails
Squamous cell carcinomaSurgical haemostasis

Fulgaration mode used for removal of:

Seborheic KeratosisMolluscum Contagiosum
Actinic KeratosisPyogenic Granuloma
Dermatitis Papulosa NigraXanthelasma
WartsEpidermal Nevi