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Radio & Electro Surgery

Radio & Electro Surgery

Radio And Electro Surgery

Electro Surgery Unit

Electro Surgical Unit is a machine used for fulguration, cutting, and coagulation in various surgical applications, to produce heat in tissues and produce tissue necrosis without harming the human body.

Electrocautery vs Electrosurgery

Electro Surgical Unit is a machine used for fulguration, cutting, and coagulation in various surgical applications, to produce heat in tissues and produce tissue necrosis without harming the human body.

Electrosurgery is a general term to describe all the different procedures employing electrically generated heat for a wide range of cutaneous lesions. This heat may be generated by using either galvanic or alternating current. These may be classified as follows:

Galvanic / Direct Current

1. Electrocautery

2. Iontophoresis

3. Electroepilation

4. Electric stimulation of the skin

Galvanic / Direct Current

1. Electrosurgery 





2. Electroepilation also called Thermolysis

Electrosurgery is used for removal of following skin conditions: 

Verruca (Warts)
Acrocordons(Skin tags)
Adenoma Sebeceum
Seb. Keratoses,
Granuloma Pyogenicum
Molluscum contagiosum
Vascular Naevi
Hemangioma (small)
Mucous Cyst
Cherry angioma

Electro-surgery has proved to be a very simple and cost-effective treatment.

The terms electrosurgery and electrocautery are frequently confused, even amongst many professionals in the healthcare are not aware. The main difference between these two terms is the therapeutic application and the tools used.


Electrosurgery passes an electrical current through tissue for the desired result. The electricity used is a form of alternating current similar to that used to generate radio waves. The typical frequency is quite high, around 500,000 cycles per second. This ensures that the current passes through the patient tissue as opposed to producing an electric shock effect. The heat is created by the resistance of the tissue to the electrical current and the tools used to apply the current are electrodes and includes blades, round ball, needle, and loop configurations. The electrode selection depends upon and intended outcome. These instruments can be used to cut, coagulate, or even to fuse tissue.


Electrocautery called as thermal cautery uses electrical current to heat a metal loop, which is then applied to the target tissue in order to burn or coagulate the specific area of tissue. It is not used to pass the current through tissue but rather is applied directly onto the targeted area of treatment. Using this technique, heat is passed through a resistant metal wire which is used as an electrode. This hot electrode is then placed directly onto the treatment area destroying that specific tissue. 

Thereby, the procedure can be safely used in patients with implanted electrical devices such as cardiac pacemakers, implantable cardioverter-defibrillators, and deep-brain stimulators.

Radiosurgery in which the passage of alternating electric ultra-high-frequency radio waves (RF 500 to 4000 kHz) through soft tissue to (cut, cut & coagulate, coagulate, desiccate or fulgurate) without much trauma, bleeding or scarring. Radiosurgery is an easy and faster method to remove unwanted skin growths. Radiosurgery is an alternative term for electrosurgery.

This is a revolutionary technique to treat all the harmless but unsightly skin growths. This treatment has wider applications and multiple functions as four types of energies can be used. 

We at Clear SKIN Centre use Ellmann surgitron (USA) 3.8mHz which is a fine radiofrequency device. This treatment is done under local anesthesia and most of the time requires only a single session.

Pure Cutting mode used for:

Cosmetic repairs such as ear hole repair etc.,
Excision of cyst and tumours,
Skin incisions

Cutting and Coagulation used for removal of:

Seborrhoeic or actinic keratosis
Small Sq cell Carcinoma
Basal Cell Carcinoma

Coagulation mode used for removal of:

Recurrent Verrucae
Unwanted hair removal
Small primary basal cell carcinoma
Ingrow toe nails
Squamous cell carcinoma
Surgical haemostasis

Fulgaration mode used for removal of:

Seborheic Keratosis
Molluscum Contagiosum
Actinic Keratosis
Pyogenic Granuloma
Dermatitis Papulosa Nigra


Epidermal Nevi