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Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery Treatment

Nail surgery is a routine minor procedure, usually done under local anesthetic, to relieve discomfort from ingrown and painful toenails. This is done by removing a section of nail, or sometimes the whole toenail, and treating the root cause to prevent it from growing back.

A thick, deform or ingrown nails may give rise to pain and sometimes infection. Medical treatment can only provide relief from pain, but they often reoccur once the nail starts to regrow. Nail surgery is a permanent and safe treatment to painful ingrown toenails.

There are various disorders that can affect the nails such as deformity and dystrophy, infections, and ingrown toenails.

Causes of nail disorders

Infections such as paronychia, warts, or green nail syndrome

·  Injuries

· Internal diseases (such as certain lung diseases, which can cause yellow nail syndrome)

· Nail fungus (onychomycosis)

· Structural problems (such as an ingrown toenail)

· Birth deformities such as anonychia (without nails).pachyonychia congenital

· Drugs

· Tumors

The most are common are the infections, involving any part of the nail, and may or may not change the nail’s appearance. Most nail common infections are fungal (onychomycosis), but bacterial and viral infections occur.