Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment

Flawless, young and radiant skin every one deserves it. We at Clear Skin Centre, provides an advanced and time tested laser treatment, making your skin radiant, flawless and young by reducing the sign of ageing with an advanced and modern techniques in experienced hands. Laser improves visible imperfections of your skin by improving your skin texture, colour and skin tone.

We at our centre offer various laser therapy for treating a wide range of most common skin problems. All these laser procedure are done as outpatient basis, and the most common problems include:

-Hair Removal/Reduction treatment(Diode laser, Long pulse ND Yag laser,Alexendrite,IPL and RF)

 -Tattoo and pigment removal with laser(Q-switch ND yag laser)

-Acne/Pimple treatment-(IPL,Long Pulse ND yag,PDL and MNRF)

-Acne scars/Traumatic/accidental scar laser tx(FCO2/Frac Erb Yag/F.Erbium Glass)

-Birth mark Removal(Pulse dye laser for vascular lesions/Q-switch for Pigmentary laser)

-Removal of Skin growth, moles, warts, milium, syringoma(Co2 laser, Erbium Laser)

-Photo-Rejuvenation(Frac lasers, q-switch lasers, IPL)

What is Laser :

Laser stand for “Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. It works by emitting an intense beam of light that goes in one direction and has unique ability to produce one specific wavelength(colour). The laser beam cut, coagulate or vaporize skin tissue and underlying blood vessels.

A laser is a focused beam of light that is capable of targeting a problem on the skin and destroying just the specific pigment or tissue while sparing the skin around it.

An ordinary non-laser light is amplification of different colors and appears white. When the laser light beam interact with skin tissue, its light energy gets absorbed by water and pigment found within the skin. Pigment of the skin include hemoglobin(red colour pigment), melanin(brown colour pigment) and these are called chromophores. These chromophores absorbs laser light of different wavelength.

We at clear skin Laser Centre have different types of laser to treat Dermatology, and aesthetic problems(see infrastructure).

Benefits of Laser Surgery are: Bloodless surgery with almost all laser. Reduced risk of infections. Improved therapectic results with almost no scarring. Safe and most effective out-patient surgery and same day surgery for most of skin conditions.