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Radiosurgery in which the passage of alternating electric ultra high frequency radiowaves (RF 500 to 4000 KHz) through soft tissue to (cut, coagulate,and soft coagulation with no carbonization) without much trauma, bleeding or scarring. Radio surgery is an easy and faster method to remove unwanted skin growths. Radiosurgery is an alternative term for electrosurgery.

This is a revolutionary technique to treat all the harmless but unsightly skin growths. This treatment has wider applications and multiple functions as four types of energies can be used.

We at Clear Skin Centre also have Kentamed RF 4MHz which is a fine radio frequency device .

Pure Cutting mode used for :

Biopsy, skin incisions, abscesses, excision of cyst and tumours, cosmetic repairs such as ear hole repair etc.,

Pure Coagulation mode used for removal of:

Trichoepitheliomas, recurrent verrucae, small primary b.c.Ca and sq cell ca, telengiectasia, unwanted hair removal, ingrow toe nails and for providing surgical haemostasis

Soft tissue Coagulation mode used for:

Skin tightening, wrinkle reduction


About technology:

KENTAMED RF: is a  digital 100 Watt mono/bipolar unit with operating frequency of 4 MHz. KENTAMED RF is capable of performing soft coagulation (deep, with no carbonization) and very fine cutting typical for the radiofrequency units, while at the same time providing modes of operation as a standard electrosurgical unit. Monopolar and bipolar accessories (for vessel sealing) are available.