Hair Care

Hair Care

Hairs are Keratinized elongated Structures derived from invagitions of epidermis and project out from most of a body surface.

1. Hair loss is a common problem and all of us go through in our life time causing social and emotional effects and feeling lack of confidence both in men and women with Hair loss every person is depressed and emotionally disturbed .Best way to treat Hair loss is to consult a Dermatologist or Trichologist to identify the cause of Hair Loss.

2.Excessive Hair growth or unwanted Hairs also leads to mental disturbance for both genders, most of the  females are effected with Hirsutism, Which means Abnormal growth of terminal Hair in Women in male Pattern sites such as Face and  chest .The presence of Excessive Hair can be a source of Distress that can lead to psychological problems as anxiety, depression and reduced quality of life.

Clear Skin Hair and Laser Centers provides FDA approved Lasers treatments for permanent Hair reduction that can be applied to any part of the body.

We at Clear Skin Hair and Laser Centre offers:

1.Castle Hair Anlaysis (Computerized Hair and Scalp Analysis)

2.Non- Surgical Treatments

 a)Low Level Laser hair therapy

 b)photo Micro needle therapy

 c)P.R.P (Platelet rich plasma)

 d)Regenera Activa

3.Surgical Treatments:

 Hair Transplantation( Scalp, Moustache, Beard, Eyebrow)

4.Laser Hair Removal (Unwanted Hair Removal)