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Ear Hole Repair

Ear Hole Repair

ear hole repair

Ear hole/lobe repair

Ear lobe repair procedure is an accurate cosmetic surgery performed to correct ear hole, that have been torn or elongated due to trauma or piercing or pull by heavy earrings.

Ear lobe repair is a simple, safe, minimally invasive reconstructive surgical procedure. We at Clear Skin Centre performs with one of the most successful Ear hole repair treatments for healing your damaged yet fragile earlobe, as out-patient procedure.

Procedure of Ear-hole repair:

Ear-hole repair surgery is a minimally invasive surgery, and the procedure took just 15-20 minutes to complete.

  • The first step is to mark your skin to show you the final scar line.
  • To reduce the minimal pain a bit of local anesthesia was injected into the ear lobe prior, so you don’t feel any pain.
  • The excess skin on the inside edge of the expanded ear hole is carefully trimmed with laser or radio-frequency device, keeping the ear’s natural contour.
  • Fine sutures or skin glue are used to re-correct the skin on the front and back of the earlobe.
  • The minimal dressing was placed to avoid infections.

Preventive measures for ear holes enlarging

The following measures to be followed as many of us suffer from big ear lobes (elongated ear lobes) and unable to wear proper ear-rings. Due to this big ear hole some lose their costly ear studs.

  • Use lighter earrings for routine wear.
  • Earrings with a thin central staff pierce the skin more quickly than those with a thick stalk.
  • When wearing long earrings, take care to remove tops carefully, and avoid wearing them with knits or lace.
  • Taking off your earrings before going to bed will help you prevent any overnight mishaps.


We at Clear Skin Centre successfully practicing advance ear hole repair treatmentAuroplasty’ with 100% closing in one sitting. Here the edges of the skin are relieved using a laser or radio-surgery unit and approximated using a fixative solution. It is a safe, permanent and reliable procedure without stitches.

Precautions for prevention and after ear-hole repair

Prevention of Ear-hole


  • Use lighter earrings for routine wear.
  • Use earrings with a thin central staff that pierce the skin quickly.


  • Do not wear the long ear rings with the help of knits or lace.
  • Do not forget to take off your earrings before going to bed to prevent any overnight mishaps.

After the Procedure


  • Keep the treated area clean, dry and protect from dirt, water, and sweat.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise or anything that may result in excessive sweating, including bending, stretching, or anything else that might affect the treated area.
  • Make sure to cover the site while showering, washing dishes and so on.



  • Do not touch the treated site as to allow the natural healing process to take place.
  • Do not forget to use medication prescribed by doctor after surgery.
  • Do not rush for new ear-piercing for another 2 to 3 months.