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DPN Removal Treatment

DPN Removal Treatment

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Advance Dermatosis papulosa nigra (DPN) removal treatment

Dermatosis papulosa nigra is a harmless skin condition that tends to affect people with darker skin.

They are smooth round black or dark brown, flat or papular lesion, occur prominently on the cheek and around eyes; also found over the lower part of the face, neck, chest, abdomen, and back. While some people only develop a few bumps, others have many.

Causes of DPN

The cause of DPN is unknown. The darker skin is at high risk and usually appears at puberty. The genetic predisposition and ultraviolet exposure (photoaging) have been proposed. 

Appearance & Size of DPN

DPN is mostly characterized by black or dark brown, flat, or small bumps (hang off the skin from a stalk or peduncle) occur prominently on the cheek and around eyes; also found over the lower part of face, neck, chest, abdomen, and back. Usually, the DPN lesions are round.

They measure from 1-5 mm in diameter. They usually start during adolescence and over time they tend to grow bigger and increase in number.


DPN is harmless and doesn’t require treatment. However, if the bumps become itchy or irritating or increase in number and size will make you cosmetically undesired due to their appearance. 

There are many treatment options for DPN as mentioned below; which are usually done with topical anaesthesia.

Surgical procedures

The DPN spots or bumps can be surgically removed through the following techniques:

Scissor excision

This technique is done for DPN that rise above the skin. As the DPN bump is hold and pulled slightly with a small forceps and then with a fine curved scissors it is cut around and under the lesion.

Shave excision

During this treatment, the DPN is cut off from the body using a small blade.


This involves scraping the lesions with a small scooping instrument.


This is using a small probe with an electric current to cauterize the skin tissue.


Ellaman Radio-cautery is an advance radio-frequency device to remove DPN lesions as fine as laser therapy.


This involves freezing off the DPN bumps using liquid nitrogen.

Laser treatments

Clear skin laser centre provides Advance laser treatment for DPN. Laser therapy uses different lasers to remove the bumps. Lasers have promising results and can help to remove the DPN completely without any adverse effects.

Carbon-dioxide laser

This produces a specific wavelength of light in the mid-infrared spectrum (10600 nm) and its energy is safe and effective option for DPN with low chance for recurrence. We at Clear Skin is equipped with world’s best DEKA CO2 laser  which has SP pulse to remove most superficial skin lesions like DPN

Erbium Yag laser

It is a solid-state laser and emits a wavelength of 2940nm and its wavelength is closer to top layers of skin or peak spectrum of water. It is the best, most effective, and almost painless option to remove DPN.

KTP laser

This method uses a potassium titanyl phosphate (KTP) crystal along with an Nd: YAG laser is safe for dark skin. As long pulse Nd:YAG laser uses a wavelength of 1064nm that stops the blood supply to the growth and coagulates the melanin in the dark spots of DPN.

However, there are many treatment options for dermatosis papulosa nigra, but some have a risk of pigmentation changes in skin color and causing scar formation. The treatment will not stop from getting new lesions. It better to consult a reputed dermatology clinic with advanced laser technology, understands the unique properties and treatment outcomes of ethnic skin.